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Technical Audit for
Due Diligence

Tech Due Diligence is an important component of software company assessment.

What is Mobile App Pentesting?

Mobile app pentest is a simulation of a real attack on your iOS or Android app in order to identify security vulnerabilities in your app and advise you on how to fix them, before an attacker can exploit them. 

When is Technical Audit Required?

  • Investment in IT projects (software, games, etc.)

  • Buying/selling a sofware company

  • Confirmation of compliance with local and international standards (PCI DSS, HIPAA, ISO 27001, SOC 2, GDPR, etc.)

  • Working with enterprise clients

What is Technical Audit (Tech Due Diligence)?

It is a comprehensive analysis of company's software products by independent certified experts. As a result of such an audit, it is possible to identify vulnerabilities and shortcomings of these products, business risks associated with them, as well as develop recommendations for their minimisation and elimination.

What our clients say

What is Included in Technical Audit?

Tech DD may include reviewing various technical aspects of a company's software product. When investors enters the capital, the widest possible list of issues is subject to study, allowing an analysis of all the risks associated with the technical aspects of the company's product itself. The impossibility of scaling the system, the likelihood of security incidents, the complexity of support or critical vulnerabilities in the system can serve as a serious reason for bargaining or abandoning the deal (due to the need for significant improvements or rewriting of the system). Depending on the objectives of the audit and the scope of the software product, you can limit the list of works.

  • Manual penetration testing

  • Automatic vulnerability scanning

  • Manual source code analysis

  • System architecture analysis

  • System infrastructure analysis

  • IT processes analysis (access management, system settings security, monitoring, incident management, continuity management, risk management, etc.)

  • System scalability analysis

  • Load testing

  • Performance testing

  • Volume testing

  • Functional testing

  • UX review 

  • Checking the technical implementation of GDPR compliance

  • Risk assessment

  • Development of recommendations

  • Preparation of the final report

What Our Clients Say

Luke Allen,

Managing Director at eviFile

“We are thrilled with Dhound pentesting service. The team were professional and tenacious at every stage of the process, committing attention to detail and unswerving support throughout with consistent communication at every stage. Post assessment we utilised their expertise working with our   team to fix all vulnerabilities found, making them security partners, not just pentesters.”

Gino Maccio,

CFO at ManageMy

“As an insurtech platform, understanding the security vulnerabilities of our system is paramount to guaranteeing the safety of our clients when using the ManageMy platform. Working with Dhound to execute a thorough pentest analysis enabled us to access expertise to test and strengthen our platform resilience. This has allowed us to focus on our future growth plans, safe in the knowledge that the rigorous security assessment has been undertaken to provide a solid foundation to scale the system.”

Evgeny Olejnik,
CTO at 12Go Asia

“We enjoyed working with Denis. He’s a true professional. The collaboration gave us a lot including a system audit and PHP vulnerability check-up. Dhound also helped us with management issues. For example, now we have regular security checklist sessions and manage our risks.”


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