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Assess your security with Dhound consulting services


Web App Penetration Testing

Pentest is an imitation of a real hacking attack but performed by security knights who fight for your web security with noble intentions.


Mobile App Penetration Testing

Mobile app pentest is a simulation of a real attack on your iOS or Android app in order to identify security vulnerabilities in your app and...

Финансовые графики

Technical Audit
(Due Diligence)

Tech DD is a comprehensive analysis of the company's digital products and IT processes by independent certified experts, as a result...

Image by Jason Dent

GDPR Tech Assessment

Pentest is a great way to check the security of your users' personal data, during which it is checked whether the declared rights of the data subject are...


Web 3 Penetration Testing

Smart contract security audits and identifying vulnerabilities in your Web 3 project.

Люди, работающие в Open Office


The “subscription” model for a certain number of pentesting hours per month allows a company to significantly reduce security risks at minimal cost.

Сотрудники в современном офисе

Security Testing Trainings

Corporate training is a powerful practical intensive for your dev team. After the theory, the participants will have a team competition to apply their “hacker” skills...

Image by Kevin Ku

Phishing Simulation

Phishing uses social engineering to "attack" the human element of security. Your employees are often the most tidbit as it is rich source of information...

Клавиатура ноутбука

Cyber Investigation

We transform fragmented data into a coherent storyline, revealing the truth about the attack on your company.


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