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Smart Contract & Web 3 Security

Smart contract security audits and penetration testing of your Web 3 applications


occur in blockchain and smart contracts

$3.2 billion

stolen in crypto in 2021 according to CryptoSlate


must be proactive, we will help to detect weak points in time

Why Does a Web 3 Project Need Penetration Testing? 

Any web 3 project as  blockchain apps, DeFi, NFT, wallets and other is vulnerable to hacks. The more successfully your project grows, the more attractive and profitable target for hackers you become. One effective attack can cost you a fortune and a reputation that you can’t get back.

Our security consultants are experienced certified professionals analysing the latest web 3 security trends. We believe security matters, we share knowledge and are passionate to make web 3 space a safer place. 

What Is the Process?

We set up an initial meeting to discuss the necessary scoping questions, then we assess the scope together with auditors, and return to you with a detailed quote.

Contact our team to get a quote for your project and proactively take care of its security

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